The Architect.

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The Architect.

This project received the semi-finalist award in Adobe’s ADAA international design competition.
At EKU we were assigned a project to create 4 posters that use type in it’s different partitions to become more acutely aware of how type can be treated as a more abstract form, and take on different meanings beyond the literal letters/words. We had to choose and research a theme that would be tied in to each poster individually and add to it’s meaning. The guidelines for each poster are below.
Poster 1 – Paragraphs
Poster 2 – Sentences
Poster 3 – Syllables
Poster 4 – Letters
I choose Architecture, the designing of buildings and structures. The buildings are composed of numerous elements that must work together in order to achieve a proper structural union, similarly to type. In creating my posters I utilized digitial and physical typesetting. 
Each has four basic components:
Foundations, attachment, verticality, and the whole body.
Starting with the foundation (letters) from which nothing else could be formed without. Poorly made foundations (poorly designed letterforms) cause the whole structure to be unstable (unreadable). Walls begin the process of connecting the foundation to something more (syllables) which fight against, or work in unison with, gravity and space to achieve unification (words). Then there is the verticality of the additional levels the layering of sentences adds complexity, the rag breaks uniformity. Finally there is the totality of the previous elements together which creates the building/Paragraphs which are solid structures that are able to be inhabited by people and thoughts.

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