Small Footprint Big Impact

Design, Illustration

Small Footprint Big Impact


Small Footprint Big Impact

This project received a semi-finalist award in Adobe’s ADAA international design competition

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A portfolio is an embodiment of it’s designer. From the construction to the materials, dimensions, and interior formatting, each designers interests and capabilities can shine.

My passions are visual storytelling, typography, paper, and illustration. Bringing 18 papers from 3 different mills I challenged myself to utilize each paper to accentuate the purpose and possibilities of my individual projects. The result is only slighly larger then a traditional paperback novel but can extend over 2.5′. The folding causes viewers to slow down and thoroughly view the work while also adding to the narrative elements of each project. Monsters rise up from the desert, asteroids spin through outer space, and type crumples apart. It all rolls the viewer back to the front to remind them, “It’s all about the story.” If you want to see all the contents of the portfolio click here or contact me to see it in person!


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